Tuesday, February 27, 2007

'the thinker' revisited

I guess the title says it all - Look at Imran right after he was born!

I have to admit though, that he doesn't do this pose too much lately as he sleeps mostly on his tummy. But he is still most comfortable when his hand touches some part of his face, and this is just like my dad! What's amazing is that he had this pose even when he was still in my tummy - seen in the ultarsound. Well, hopefully he will live up to this nickname of his!

Monday, February 26, 2007

dada and dadi

My parents have just left yesterday. It was really lovely that Imran could spend some time with his Dada and Dadi and Mum's cooking for the whole week was pretty awesome!

We spent most of the time in Fonty, although we managed to take them to one of my favourite places in Paris - Musee Rodin and just strolling around the city. As Imran is nicknamed
'The Thinker' because of his habit of placing his hands on his cheeks when he sleeps, it was only appropriate that we bring him to visit the real sculpture by Rodin - as seen in the background of this photo!

As expected, it was hard to say goodbye knowing that they will be missing their little prince all over again. But thanks to skype, the world has really become so small that they are able to communicate with him on the monitor - of course it's not the same not being able to touch and cuddle him, but I guess it's better than nothing!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

rio carnival in fonty

Before the Rio Carnival has taken place in Brazil, it already has in Fontainebleau.. by the INSEAD students! These lot of people love to party and I guess we don't want to be missing out. There are parties every week with crazy themes, and the best part is that the people are always putting the effort to dress up and participate, ending up with loads of fun everytime!

It was the second time that we have left Imran with the babysitter who came to our home (to watch him sleep..) so that his Mama and Papa can have a bit of fun for a few hours. I was surprised that I was calm the first time we left him, thinking that I was going to call the sitter every 10 minutes! I guess I will have to do it sooner or later, and it's better now than later for the both of us. And I'm sure he would understand as it is, really, part of the MBA networking that we have to do!

So, guess which one I am in this photo? I suppose it wouldn't take a genius to figure that out..

Friday, February 09, 2007

the boy in baby dior..

Isn't he adorable?
By the way, the top is a gift from a friend. With both of us not earning, there's no way we can afford something like that!
Will send more photos once we get around taking some..

Thursday, February 08, 2007


Greetings from France at last! I have been busy settling into our new home, new routine and new life in Fontainebleau. It is really lovely here, just like what I imagined, but more. It's a quaint little country town, but I guess just by being French, it is very classy with nice little shops and cafes.

Our home is so tiny that when I first arrived, I thought we were in a cubby house! But after a while, it grows into you and it is really quite cozy. It is actually an apartment unit in the roof of a very old building, so with ceilings going in all different angles, it is architecturally interesting. Of course the beams are all in old and rugged solid wood, possibly from the famous forests of Fontainebleau, which makes it extra special. Lots of steps to get up to where we are (especially with Imran in my arms!), but to think positively, perhaps it is a good way to shed away all these pregnancy fat!

Overall it is like living our dreams for both Dino and I. He is having a great time pursuing his MBA dream, with inspiring lectures and classmates from all over the world. Whereas for me, living in an old French town, with beautiful buildings and art surrounding it, winery and lots of cheese is just great! Imran is picking up French slowly (just kidding.. he is growing so fast, but not that fast!) He is enjoying the cold and being adored by the locals on the streets. They think he is so exotic, and is amused by his jet black hair...

Shall write again soon, whenever I have the time between feeding Imran, putting him to sleep, playing with him, cooking, cleaning-up and doing laundry! Life without a maid is not impossible afterall (not wanting to sound snobbish, but face it - we Malaysians are all spoilt with maids or help from our parents!)