Tuesday, November 03, 2009

the halloween birthday party

We decided to do a Halloween birthday party for Imran this year as I thought it would be fun to get the kids to dress-up. Sure enough the birthday boy - Superman Imran was in his element in that suit and truly believed he was a super-hero for a day! Baby elephant Rania however wasn't very keen on her head-piece and really, who can blame her for that? It's not really fun having a trunk coming in between your eyes!

Imran and some of his classmates have been discussing about what they were wearing for the party too as he would come home from school to report to me - and I think the build up of all that excitement resulted in him being super excited and one happy birthday boy and the end of it!

We had 28 kids on that day dressing up as batman, bat-woman, Bumble-Bee, pirate, baby monkey, ballerina, angel, bunny rabbit and of course some 'princesses' also made it to the party! It was great fun to see the kids in their outfits and I wished I had taken more photos of them, but handling that many children and making sure their parents relaxed and had something to eat kept most of us occupied especially when I was ambitious enough to get the (mostly) three year olds to play 'pass the parcel'!

It was nice that all the family members contributed in making it a special day for Imran. Aunty Nelly made mini cottage pies and sandwiches which was sponsored by Dada. Dadi made the most popular item cucur udang. Tok Jenny made her famous risoles but specially mini ones only for the party. And Tok Mama organised some of the other foods and the lovely fruit 'cocktail'. It was a good thing that I delegated all the food items and ordered the birthday cake and cupcakes, so I could concentrate in getting the house and kids ready in their costumes!

There was slight drizzle that appeared from time to time which didn't allow us to play the games in the garden, but considering that it has been raining heavily pretty much everyday nowadays in the afternoons, I would be very greedy to have asked for better weather that day!

Imran received many nice presents too including a bicycle from Uncle Ben and Aunty Nelly, a tractor that he can ride on from Uncle Niki and Aunty Elma, a police station tent from Aunty Nor, Aunty Raz and Aunty Ainnal and some are still being hid in the cupboard to be opened only when he has settled down a bit more! I am worried now that he thinks he can get this all the time and have told him that he has to wait for one whole year now for a new set of toys.

I hope we didn't spoil him too much but I think the boy deserves it as his party was canceled at the very last minute last year when I had early contractions from Rania! So for the last three nights now, he has been telling me before going to bed "I had a great party!" And that makes me so happy beyond words - as long as he doesn't expect it all the time!