Sunday, December 28, 2008

the sweetest thing

It has been 5+ weeks since Rania was born, and of course life has changed completely. Going out for a simple outing is like going for a big trip these days and having a 3-hour stretch sleep is considered a luxury! I've forgotten how it is to have a newborn baby - the short sleeps they have, their need to be carried a lot, the amount of diapers they go through in a day!

But, life is good and I can only count my blessings for this lovely gift. It is so satisfying to see her growing healthily, in fact she is filling up quite quickly just from breastmilk alone (may be she'll be a chubby baby like I was!)

Imran seems to be attached to his little sister. I am so pleased that he doesn't seem to be jealous and I hope it remains that way! He likes kissing her and touching her hair and hands gently while assuring me "Iman gentle saja Mama". The boy is getting to be oh so chatty these days and loves pretend play. One minute he is 'uncle potong rumput' and the next the breadman, but every so often he is 'uncle chef' pretending to cook dosai, fried rice, dim sum and such.

It is just amazing for me to look at both of them and see how much they grow and develop in just two years. Milestones after milestones, before you realize it they are a person of their very own. I feel emotional at times and proud to have raised Imran to what he is today and am looking forward to do the same for Rania. But beyond that, I am not so sure. I think I am happy with two as it is a lot of hard work! Probably the biggest commitment in your life, it is most certainly the sweetest.