Tuesday, May 06, 2008

strange things happen..

... when you're pregnant and yes, I am expecting baby no.2! It's still early days only at about 10 weeks now, so fingers crossed all will be smooth.

For now, I have to say the nausea is quite bad and definitely worse than with Imran's pregnancy.The food cravings have also been more demanding compared to before. The funny thing is I had very similar cravings as with previous pregnancy like the beef carpaccio from Nerovivo (I know I'm not supposed to eat raw meat now but I just couldn't help it!) and also the famous char kuey teow from Kuala Pilah (which I still haven't managed to get hold of)

The problem is though that there is all these new foods added to the list now. I seem to always be craving for Ramly burgers which is really strange as I'm not even a big fan of these on normal days. But, at least this isn't difficult to find. The most recent craving I've experienced is (thanks to Dyda for posting a photo of it in Facebook) is the chicken rice from TKC! Gosh - I just can't seem to get rid of its image in my head and am always thinking of that very particular taste of the simple rice, chicken and sauce ensemble on that metal tray! I even thought of driving to TKC for lunch on chicken day and queue for it to satisfy my craving, but that would be odd wouldn't it? Anyway what day is it again - Tuesday or Wednesday?

And then not surprisingly, I am also constantly craving for fresh French baguette and cheese from France, which I will never be able to get from here. Sigh..

Whatever it is,
I just hope it won't last for too much longer. I mean, I really don't want to complain about it as this really is a wonderful blessing and both Dino and I (and hopefully Imran) are ecstatic about having a new addition to our family. However, it will definitely be better if this nausea and cravings would stop soon! :)