Monday, May 10, 2010

rania's first words

Rania's vocabulary has been increasing quite a lot lately and I thought to myself, I must sit down and write down a list of (some of the) words she is saying at 17 months. So here goes my random list:

Nyum Nyum (eat)
Mamook (nyamuk / mosquito)
Byes (bye)
Beck (bag)
Mik (milk)
Ni? (this?)
Babee (strawberry)
Oosh (juice / shoes)
Bed (bread)
Kakak (any girl / woman)
Tik (hair clip)
Bor (ball)
Tengs (thanks)
O-oh (when she drops something)
No-no (no)

Anya (Rania)
Baba (Abang)
(Uncle) BEN!
Ma mama (Tok Mama)
Aiya (Arlia, her best friend)
Mamay (Uncle Emir)

Of course she also recognizes body parts such as nose, eyes, ears, cheeks, hands, feet, shoulders, mouth, teeth - but her favourite is the belly button, although one needs to be warned not to ask her this in public as after showing hers, she would always insist on seeing yours!

She also LOVES animals and being quizzed about the noise they make. So dog, cat, cow, horse, snake, duck, sheep, tiger, lion, bird, mouse and monkey are part of her vocabulary too. Oh, and the minute she hears the word Tarzan, she would automatically make the sound "oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh" with a cheeky smile. And that is thanks to the Abang who is constantly shouting it while jumping from couch to couch almost every afternoon!

She loves music and dances to the rhythm of either slow (swinging slowly from side to side) or fast (tip-toeing and bouncing her body up and down). She sings and hums in her sweet (but sometimes rather deep and firm) voice when she is in the car, while on the swing at the patio and when putting herself to sleep.

This age is just precious and I guess since there is no way that I can freeze her now, this is my attempt at freezing this moment in words just so that I can read it back again in years to come. Mama loves you Anya !!


At 4:10 PM, Anonymous Rina said...

great to hear rania's learning a lot of words, cant wait to hear her speak! she looks gorgeous in the photo, i still remember that sweet smile of hers when you came to my house last raya :)

At 11:37 AM, Blogger elly said...

time flies just so fast when you are enjoying the time spent with them and also to see their development kan?

so cute how she calls herself Anya too! :D


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