Wednesday, December 02, 2009

rania's birthday in perth

We just came back from a 10 days break in Perth. The trip co-incided with Rania's birthday and so we decided to take the family out for lunch at one of our favourite haunt 'Secret Garden' especially when the weather was so beautiful.

We had Rania's birthday party at the foreshore in South Perth the next day and although I planned it from Malaysia a few weeks prior to the day, I really had to thank my mother-in-law for organising all the food! We used one of the BBQ pits to cook up some steak, chicken wings and sausages, and served them with some fried rice cooked by Tok Mama and fried Mihun by Tok Wan themselves. Her delicious birthday cupcakes were made especially by the meticulous hands of Angela and the birthday girl had her very first own cupcake all to herself!

It was really meaningful for us to be able to share this special milestone with close family and friends which we have spent some of our significant years before in Perth, although I really wished my parents would have just jumped on the plane to join us even if for a few days! As they had scheduled work and travel commitments, they had to turn down our 'invitation'.

Still we had a great time and certainly a lovely holiday. Imran really loves it there at this age being able to play at the playgrounds which is covered by sand (his obsession!), feed the ducks and birds at the park just in front of the house and of course the farm. After reading lots of books about farm animals and tractors, it was like a dream for him to actually 'work' at one - well in his imagination anyway! Eventhough he has been there twice before, I don't think he quiet enjoyed it as much as he did this time around. In fact he didn't want to leave and was breaking into tears while suggesting that he could stay there all by himself!

Rania developed a lot during the trip too. Thanks to plenty of practice of walking on the sand at the beach and playgrounds, she walks really well now and in fact seems to be running sometimes! I am so proud of my girl the good eater - she was so easy with food that we didn't have to cook any special food for her. She ate whatever we ate - nasi biryani, oxtail soup, nasi tomato, seafood chowder - she was even crazy about the capers we had in the pasta at one of the restaurants!!

The cute thing was she knew excatly where her Tok Mama's cookie jar was located at the kitchen table top and would always stop right there and point upwards while saying "this" or "nak!". The girl is certainly vocalising these days and also knows how to say "no", which is probably not a very good thing! Her understanding has developed so much too with her being really upset if she gets a scolding. Her ability to interact is becoming more and more apparent like when she wants to have her nap. She would touch her hair and rub her eyes while waving and saying the sweetest "bye" to announce that she is quite ready to have a nap!

Oh well, I guess I have to accept reality that my girl is one now and is no longer a baby. And what better way than to turn this chapter during such a wonderful holiday in Perth. I can't help but to feel extraordinarily lucky to have such an ideal holiday spot and home there, and these kids sure are very lucky too!


At 9:26 PM, Blogger The Momster said...

Indeed you guys are lucky to have somewhere else to call home. I can almost imagine the beautiful parks and beaches from your post, and can relate to Imran not wanting to come home! :D

And a very happy birthday to Rania too... can't wait to see her walk (and run)! It's always too cute when they've just started...

At 4:56 PM, Anonymous Rina said...

happy birthday dear rania! i bet she loves being mobile now.

the photo of the family is really beautiful dear, you're all looking great. weather looks glorious too, makes me want to migrate to australia this time of the year when it's dreadfully gloomy here. i wish you had put up more photos though :D

At 2:43 AM, Blogger miss-cream said...

Thanks Rina. Have put up more photos on facebook - so you better get on it! :)

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