Tuesday, October 14, 2008

perth trip and then back to reality

We decided to spend this year's raya in Perth with Dino's side of the family as we haven't been there for some time, and it might be the last holiday for me for a while! Imran enjoyed himself thoroughly this time around as he was a bit too young the last time he was there. Now that he's on his feet, he had a blast going to the playgrounds, walking at the park, exploring the farm and chasing the birds and ducks!

The trip was a bit short but we did very well maximising all the activities in the one week that we had. There was Imran's first trip to the zoo, an overnight stay at the farm, some shopping (mostly for things for the baby and for the new house), catching up with family and friends and of course there was raya. We took Imran to the mosque in the morning for him to experience some raya atmosphere and we had quite a few guests at the house throughout the day. Next year he definitely should experience the real raya on kampung grounds!

Coming back to reality in KL, it was starting to get used to our new routine of Dino being away 4 days in the week. His new project in Jakarta requires him to be there from Monday morning to Thursday evening every week. I guess he has been lucky to have had local projects for more than 6 months since he joined the company and now it's time to experience the real consulting lifestyle. Of course it's not so fun not having him around, but it really isn't too bad.

However, I did have a little panic attack last weekend. I guess I have been too busy to know what was going on in my mind, but by the time I realised it, I was crying just from panicking! Now as I put things in perspective, I realised that it was just adjusting to so many new things at once - having our own house, our own maid (sometimes it feels more of a burden!), putting Imran in playschool, preparing for the new baby and of course the latest one of not having the hubby around half of the week to do all these adjusting with.

But, it's funny how sometimes you have to have a little breakdown for you to realise how to better the situation. I realise now that I really should delegate more to the help I have around me and not be too obsessed about handling Imran all to myself. I get upset when people tell me that I push myself too much and now that I'm 7 months pregnant I really shouldn't to avoid early delivery - but I realise that it's probably true. So here I am reflecting and somehow putting it in words crystalises it even more!

One thing for sure though is that I am really not alone as I have so much support around me - I know that my dad and my sister is only a phone call away and I am so blessed for that. The conveniences that is available at my in-laws' is also undeniably helpful. Lastly, having a maid to clean-up the house and do the laundry is without a doubt such a great help. It makes me realise how wise we were not to have pursued working overseas when the job requires this much travelling. Thank goodness I had my senses right at that time!