Thursday, October 29, 2009

imran is three

Imran turned 3 today and I can't help but be proud of what my boy has grown into. Although he can do better at sharing his toys with his little sister and be more friendly to people he meets, he is such a sweet little thing at heart.

He says things like "I love your SO much Mama" and my favourite one is "You're MY best Mummy!", which is a little strange but melts my heart regardless. Then there are all these conversations with him which I keep meaning to write down, but never got around doing. But I will document this particular one which we had a few days ago on a typical afternoon while playing at the patio.

He was climbing all the way up the ladder to 'fix' an artificial cobweb stuck on the grill which was meant to be part of the decoration for his party on the weekend. The thing is flimsy and fragile, and we have just put it there to test and see how the thing works.

So I said, "Imran, you're not touching the cobweb!"

Somehow looking a little surprised he said, "But why Mama?"

To which I answered "Because that is supposed to be for your party and we don't want to spoil it before your party, do we?"

His face turned sour with dissapoinment and he slowly came down the ladder before crying some real tears which was rather unexpected. Didn't think he was so set on the idea! But anyway he settled quite quickly after a cuddle and an explanation.

However about an hour later, he came up to me to receive yet another cuddle before saying, "Mama, I really feel sad when you get SO upset with me. That's why LAH I cried just now."

So I said, "Oh, don't worry Imran. I'm not upset anymore now"

And then he said something which I thought was so out of line!

He said, "But I really feel like making you a card, put it in an ENVE-LOPE, and give it to you"

I was slightly confused about such a random idea, and asked him,

"And the card will say I'm sorry?"

He then answered, "No, the card will say - I LOVE you, will you come for my party?"

At that point I just smiled at such strange but cute randomness and tried very hard not to laugh, and said "Sure I'll come to your party!"

Happy 3rd birthday little muchkin!! XOXO

*The photo is of him 'helping' uncle potong rumput - his all-time favourite besides the chinese speaking contractor!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

rania on her feet!

Rania has been 'furniture walking' since she was around 7 months old, so seeing her on her feet and mobile is not anything new. But then about a month ago, she started to let go of her hands just to stand without any support. And it wasn't until about three weeks ago that she started to step forward. It started with one step, and then two and it kept increasing! Now she can walk quite happily for a good six or so steps and moving from one furniture to the other. And of course she would expect a clap too at the end of it!

This girl is brave and so although she hasn't quite fine-tune her balance yet, she has no problems letting herself go and fall from time to time, only to pull herself up and try again! Where as I remember Imran before found it a lot more daunting to let himself go in fear of falling. This is just one example of the difference in personality between the two of them. There are many more - which makes it obvious to predict that Rania will be a more strong-headed person than her brother.

Even at this age she is very single minded and knows exactly what she wants. And what she wants is usually whatever her brother is playing with - be it his beloved 'motorcycle', ladder or 'lawn-mower'. So at the moment the house is constantly filled with Imran's voice shouting "No Rania, No Rania, No Rania, No!" which can create quite a stressful scene. But one person who doesn't feel stressed is the sister! She will not give up and will keep trying to get what she wants.

Too often, it reminds so much of me and Nelly growing up when we were around 7 and 8. When I sit at the table to draw, she would come and grab all the crayons. So I would move to the piano and start practising some songs, only to find her sitting next to me to play another tune! The 'circuit' would just go on and on!

Anyway, back to the walking - I can't help but to feel emotional to see Rania making this transition from a baby to a toddler. When Imran first started walking (a week after his birthday during a weekend at a friend's house in Belgium), we were just so excited and proud for him to achieve this major milestone. But then now with Rania, I wouldn't mind if she takes her time to do so, as I have realised how quickly they leave their babyhood once they are truly on their feet. And that there is no turning back!!