Tuesday, July 14, 2009

imran and rania

My two 'babies' have grown so much in the last few weeks. I can't believe that they are in fact starting to play together already. Rania pretty much moves towards her brother all day, always trying to attract his attention and communicate with him. Eventhough he doesn't think his sister is quite cool enough to play with him, he does quietly converse with her and even sneak a peck on her cheeks when nobody is looking!

Rania, I predict will be a strong-headed girl (much like her Aunty Nelly and many other second child around!) Her persistence is obvious when seeing her diligently practise new skills like motor skills with her hands, crawling and standing. Thanks to all her hard work, she now does her cross-pattern crawling well and fast that we are often surprised to see her suddenly appearing at the bathroom door and in the kitchen when we are there! She is already pulling herself up and standing at only 7+ months.

She has a very good appetite much like her brother. I guess this passion for food is in their genes, so I should feel very lucky for this! She doesn't have any tooth yet though, so is still eating everything pureed. It is hard to say her favourite food too, as she pretty much wipes everything of her bowl!

Probably a common feature with most second sibbling, Rania is definitely more independant as compared to Imran at this age and is also stronger. She doesn't complain much and is happy most of the time especially when she gets any attention - something that she doesn't get too much at home! (as she needs to share it with her brother) I feel bad for her sometimes but do try to give her my all in the mornings when Imran is at school. I am also starting to take her to a weekly music class just for her to socialise and have fun, and she is already loving it!

Imran has been potty trained for a bit more than 2 weeks now and since then has been obsessed about his underwear! When he is bored, he would arrange his underwear (and socks - his other obsession) in his cupboard and putting them in paper bags pretending to be selling them. He would ask me, "Do you want to buy underwear for your son?" It is just so funny, but he is totally into his pretend play whether he is building a house or shopping for fish and vegetables at Giant or of course - cutting the grass (still a favourite!)

No doubt it can get tough and tiring taking care of two at these tender ages. There are moments when I feel like going back to work (this only lasts for 5 seconds though!) when for example I need to attend to Rania who is crying from hunger or exhaustion, and Imran suddenly shouting "I wee wee on the floor Mama!" Then there are those increasingly familiar moments of frustration when Imran storms out of his room at 2 pm when he should be having his afternoon nap only to wake up his little sister who is equally eager to get out of her cot.

Despite all of these challenges, I still feel very content staying at home to take care of my little ones with my very own hands, as it is such a joy to see them grow every day and so satisfying to see them thrive when you give them your best - or rather try to give them your best.