Sunday, December 31, 2006


It's 2 am on the first day of the new year, and it feels pretty strange to be in front of the computer at this time! As we would usually be partying the night to welcome the new year, this time really felt like we've embarked on to the next phase of life. Next phase of being.. not old - but let's just say real-adults! And guess what we did to celebrate the new year?

Yes, believe it or not - as proven from this photo, we were doing the poco-poco! What can be more 'adult' than that? I have always wondered what this new fad was all about (among the oldies), and now that we were celebrating the new year with our parents, uncles, aunties and under-age cousins who are too young to party - we had no choice but to follow the itinery of the night, which included the poco-poco line dance. And it is actually quite fun.. and addicting too (Ouch.. that's scary!)

As our mothers (Dino's and mine) went to the same school, it was great to see them excitingly go down memory lane talking about the dance lessons they used to have in school. It was quite cute to see them dancing and being young again! And it was lovely to see the two sets of grandparents doting over their new first grandchild. Imran fell asleep on his Tok Mama's shoulder while she was jiving!

But, no matter how 'old' and daunting tonight have felt, I am so excited about 2007. More than ever, I feel so ready for the next phase - so bring it on!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

mixed feelings

I have been avoiding the thought of leaving home for France, in fear of feeling sad. Call me a baby, but I notice the older I get, the more homesick I become whenever I am away!

I guess it would be easier if we were going in spring or even summer, but as it's going to be freezing when we arrive, it's not going to be so cheerful. I dislike winter and the grey sky, layers of thick winter clothings and heavy boots, the lack of sunshine, the dry air caused by the electric heater, the fact that you're always hungry!

Then I realised what a pessimist I have been, and reminded myself to be a bit more positive about it all. This is afterall our dream - I mean how exciting is it to live in France for a while! I've always loved Paris and the richness of art and culture surrounding it, the 'chic' lifestyle and fashion, the language, the pattiserie and cafes by the streets, the yummy crepes! I can't wait to visit the museums again without having to rush like you do when you go for holidays. I look forward to be alone with my new family. I think it is so ideal to bring up Imran in a quiet country town like Fountaineableau in his first year, so we can take it easy and enjoy his growing milestones.

So, as I'm rambling away on my mixed feelings about going to France, I realise that it's going to be great, so long that I keep a positive mindset! Now it's time start packing.. let's just treat it like a long holiday. Afterall it is only one year, it really isn't that long at all..

Thursday, December 14, 2006

life's next chapter

Yesterday was the third year of our wedding anniversary and what a special one it was - with Baby Imran around this time. I look at him and see all the love, hopes and dreams that Dino and I share since we've been together. What a joy he has brought us...the best anniversary gift ever!

Although we didn't manage to go out for a nice dinner like we usually do, the three of us spending some alone time to cherish this special moment was better than any fancy dine out.

It was a time to pause from the overwhelming role of being a new mother, and to reflect on this special relationship that has brought our bundle of joy.

To the hubby - thanks for these three joyful years of marriage and may there be many many more to come. Although it's not always a bed of roses, I thank you for your patience and maturity, and simply for being the wondeful person you are. I love you more than words can say. XOX