Saturday, December 17, 2005

a weekend filled with emotions

As the title suggests, I had a rather eventful weekend. Friday dinner with friends at Nerovivo seemed to be a good way to start the weekend. But just as we were ordering dessert, I received an sms that one of our seniors from school passed away.

She has been battling from an auto-immune disease. It's strange how the demise of someone not even so close to me had affected me. I guess it is just the fact that she was so young and had a whole future in front of her. She was intelligent and special in her own way, and I have always had a lot of respect and admiration for her.

After dinner, we met with some school friends who were also affected by the news. We had farewell drinks for our couple friends who are leaving for the UK soon. It was sad for me to say goodbye to her as I know I won't be able to just pick-up the phone to complain about a bad day at work or even about anything at all! I know I will miss her lots. But looking on the bright side, it will be fun to spend time with them in London when we get there some time.

Last night, we attended a wedding reception of one of our closest friends from university - in fact my ex-housemate. She had a fairy-tale wedding just as she wanted it and she looked absolutely stunning! Reuniting with the rest of the gang from Perth days was indeed special as always, as we remind each other and reflect on how far we've traveled on life's journey in the last 5 years or so.

Mum-in-law came back from Australia this morning, so today will be filled with lots of catching up and conversations.

Lastly, tonight there will be a farewell party for a friend from work, whom we have shared lots of fun times and close friendship with. Although he is his strong character (did I mention he's German?), I admit it is rare to find such an interesting personality. As the rest of the 'gang' had now left the office for their home countries, I realise what an exciting and special year it has been for us - thanks to Felix, Wendy, Lucy and Pete!

Life really is a roller-coaster - sometimes you're up and sometimes you're down, but the real challenge is to face it and to know, as Nadia had said it, that it will balance itself out in the end.

Here's to the new year.. wishing it be filled with more happy emotions than sad ones...