Friday, September 25, 2009


Unlike in the recent previous years, I found myself really looking forward to Eid or Raya this time around. It would be Imran's first Raya at home as we were in France during his first year and holidaying in Perth during his second. And at 3 years old this year, I thought he would learn and enjoy the celebrations much more and also understand better the many beautiful ideas and meaning behind Ramadhan and Syawal. Indeed he did, despite not wanting to wear his songkok and samping for long! Rania had a great time too getting lots of attention during all these festivities!

The anticipation for Eid this year was further exaggerated with our newly renovated kampung house. For the first time in history, I was part of the mad raya crowd buying outfits for the kids (well at least for Imran!), furniture, curtains, carpets and kitchen utensils all in the spirit of Raya. It was a little project that we got ourselves into getting the house ready for this special time and we had fun with it!

Imran had a blast exploring the kampung grounds and living kampung life. The bigger boys had a great time with the fire crackers. The grandparents had a lovely time with their grandchildren. We had a fun time entertaining guests. But most special to me was just being with beloved family for the few days that we were together. It's not always easy when the family now consists of 7 strong-headed adults (some more than others!) from very different cultural backgrounds, exposure and generations - but it was all worth it and to me, just perfect!