Monday, May 11, 2009

rolling all over

Rania rolled over about two weeks ago, and since then she is a different person! I forgot about this stage with Imran, but it is only logical that this is the stage when they often get a little 'cranky'.

Rolling over is such an important milestone as they suddenly realise a new dimension of the world! So, mentally they start to be more curious about things around them and is very keen to explore. And since they can't quite move yet and is trying very hard to, they often get frustrated and start calling for someone to pick them up so they can be part of the 'real world'.

I can definitely see this with Rania. And the change is quite sudden too. While before I can just leave her on her baby gym or bouncy chair, she now demands to be carried around while I do things. She gets excited when I open the microwave or the fridge to discover that space behind! She gets upset that she can't quite hold the remote control or the handphone. And she gets frustrated when she is on her tummy but can't move forward.

Before she would be quite happy being on her own just playing with her toes, but now she dislikes being alone- thanks to the development of 'separation anxiety'. And while before she wouldn't care whose arms she is in, she can now cry some real tears if she is held by someone she's not familiar with- thanks to the development of 'stranger anxiety'.

To me, it is just so interesting to observe this. And while with the first child you're just trying to learn and adjust so much, I feel that you appreciate more with the second child as you know things will change so quickly and all these are just short stages which needs to be cherished.

I just can't get over how much she has grown. She's like a little girl now and has a personality of her own. If I leave her to go out, she would cry only when she finally sees or hears me when I come back, which is a sign of her emotional maturity.

I am so nervous now to leave her and Imran in about a month time as we will be going to India for 4 days for a wedding. Just thinking about it makes me feel nervous and emotional - not because I don't trust the grandparents whom we're leaving them with, but nervous if I will miss them too much!

But I believe it is important and healthy for us to spend some 'alone' time without them and also for them to bond with the grandparents. I do wish it is not so soon though, but we can't ask the couple to delay their wedding just for us right? I've tried!

p/s Thanks Aunty Zetty for my lovely dress - my Mama thinks it's very chic!