Saturday, March 06, 2010

work and kids

My plan for 2010 was to slowly start getting back to work, i.e getting involved in some kind of architecture project. Now that Rania is 15 months old, it seems like quite a good time to do so. Strangely enough though, both my father and my in-laws have now decided to renovate their homes too (my dad's project is their village home in India so my involvement is not full swing). Still, I seem to be busier than expected nowadays having three projects running at the same time on the drawing board! I just hope I'll be able to manage it without sacrificing too much time with the kids - as that clearly is still my priority.

Especially when seeing how fast they're growing, it really makes me realise how much I want to embrace this precious time as it will be gone so quickly. Rania has grown so much into her own personality and is really quite independant now. And so although I look forward to have more time to myself as this happens, I know I will miss this stage of her so very much - just the thought of it is unbearable. Even Imran's growth scares me sometimes. He now goes to the toilet on his own - he is able to take off his pants and can climb on the toilet without any help!

They both get along a lot more these days as they can relate to one another better now that Rania is older. The dynamics of their relationship has also changed a lot since Rania turned one. As she became sturdier physically and stopped breastfeeding, they started to bathe, play in the bath and get ready for bed together, and also eat the same food. I think that helped a lot in bringing them closer together.

However, Imran still thinks his sister is a bit boring because she can't exactly talk! And of course he's a talker - so for now he's quite happy with the company of his imaginary big sisters (3 of them to be exact) and a big brother! I encourage him with his wild imagination as I believe it's healthy but sometimes it can be quite confusing when one of his grandmother comes home and he says "Oh ya, do you know that my sisters are also coming later?" or "We better rush home Dadi because I need to catch a flight to Perth this evening!" He is certainly very engrossed in his imaginary world. Apparently his Papa is a farmer, but oh well, whatever that keeps him entertained!

Rania thinks whatever her brother does is cool and would want to do exactly what he does. I now understand why some parents buy everything in two(s) or more as the fighting for that one thing can be so severe!! Rania even wants to wear Imran's shoes! She keeps taking all her brother's different shoes from the shoe cabinet, give them to me and say "shoes!" while showing to her feet! She is communicating a lot these days and loves making sounds of all the different animals - her favourite being the "moooo" and the "miaw" in an unexpectedly sweet voice. She is also very generous with her "Hi!" and "Bye" and can say all of our names, the latest being herself which sounds more like "Anya"!

She can be a sweetie pie, but most of the time she is the gangster in this house, screaming at the top of her lungs if she doesn't get what she wants and looking at me straight in the eye when I attempt to feed her (most of the time she only wants to feed herself) while saying "No-No" complete with her index finger moving to the sides in all firmness. What can I say, I knew it from the start - this one is going to be a tough cookie!

But they are born with certain personalities and we must embrace them no matter how different they may be to you and with their glaring contrasts, I adore them both with all my heart! Although it's starting to be quite obvious that Imran is a Mummy's boy and Rania definitely the Daddy's girl!