Sunday, February 18, 2007

rio carnival in fonty

Before the Rio Carnival has taken place in Brazil, it already has in Fontainebleau.. by the INSEAD students! These lot of people love to party and I guess we don't want to be missing out. There are parties every week with crazy themes, and the best part is that the people are always putting the effort to dress up and participate, ending up with loads of fun everytime!

It was the second time that we have left Imran with the babysitter who came to our home (to watch him sleep..) so that his Mama and Papa can have a bit of fun for a few hours. I was surprised that I was calm the first time we left him, thinking that I was going to call the sitter every 10 minutes! I guess I will have to do it sooner or later, and it's better now than later for the both of us. And I'm sure he would understand as it is, really, part of the MBA networking that we have to do!

So, guess which one I am in this photo? I suppose it wouldn't take a genius to figure that out..


At 7:33 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

are you in pink?? glad we spoke last night...heh

At 4:17 PM, Blogger miss-cream said...

yup.. it was nice to chat with you after so long! thanks for calling dear, and hope to meet up some time.


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