Monday, October 01, 2007

wondering where life is taking us next

This is what's been going through our minds lately. This year has been flying so fast. It feels like yesterday when we were so eager about coming to France and to INSEAD, and now it is almost over. We now have to think where we want to be next year.

The idea of going somewhere else to work for a few years sounds really exciting. Exploring a new place, making new friends, experiencing a different lifestyle all sends a kind of adrenaline rush that is probably best to experience now while we're still 'young'. Well I guess that's all relative, but surely it is best to do now before Imran starts going to school. In addition, working overseas might also add a bit of 'weight' on the CV.

OK, if that's the case - then where? London? Australia? Dubai? Hong Kong?

On the other hand, what about going back home to Malaysia? We can start settling down - get a house that we can call our own and start building our life. There's family support, the comfort of old friends you literally grew up with, cheap services (maids, babysitting, spa, manicure, restaurants, the list goes on), and of course let's not deny the yummy food!

Or what if we decide to settle in Australia? That does not seem like a bad plan at all. It's close to the comforts of home, the lifestyle is healthy and the weather is just perfect.

And then, there's the question of what am I going to do? Do I really want to go back to work and if I do, does being in London or Australia mean that I can be home by 5 or even work part-time so I have enough time with my baby boy?

All these questions that create such a dilemma - for us to decide on which jobs Dino should apply for. But for now, let's just see where the ride is taking us. Whatever it is, it will be for the best of our future. Well, hopefully anyway.


At 9:15 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey, how come dublin's not in the destination?? anyhow, london seems nice since there's a good crowd there..heheh


At 8:23 PM, Blogger n|ns said...

i love that pic of imran :)

At 3:00 AM, Blogger miss-cream said...

it is a nice picture isn't it? imran just loves going on the merry-go-round these days.. esp on the 'vroom vroom'

and yes rina, we should consider dublin too! :)

At 9:40 PM, Blogger mummy-o said...

its an exciting decision making isnt it?! excitement of the unknown of where life brings you next is always something to look forward to i think

imran is just so adorable.. big boy dah kan?! :D


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