Friday, July 27, 2007

tagged by maryam aka wegra

1) A person is only as good as they mean

2) Friendship is to be cherished

3) To love is to give one's self

4) Money makes me nervous

5) I miss my childhood, when things were so simple and uncomplicated

6) My way of saying I care is by touching (i'm very tactile!)

7) I try to spread love and happiness by caring about others

8) Pick the flowers when they’re in full bloom

9) To love someone is to stick through thick and thin

10) Beauty is from the 'inside'

11) When I was thirteen, what I remember the most was being away for the first time from my family

12) When i was twenty one, what I remember the most was being hopelessly in love

13) I am most happy when with my family

14) Nothing makes me happier than having a meaningful conversation and a good laugh with family or close friends

15) If I can change one thing, I will change the world! ok, let's not be too ambitious - may be the country!

16) If smiles were gold then I'll be pretty rich

17) Wouldn't it be nice if I have a home that I can call my own

18) If you want to French me, I say "pardon, je ne parle pas francais!"

19) Money is not everything but too many people don't realise that

20) The most touching moments I have experienced is the first few moments of being a mother

21) I smile when I'm happy

22) When I am happy, I can't stop smiling!

23) If only I don't have to pretend sometimes

24) The best thing I did yesterday was taking Imran for a stroll along the street where I grew up in and dropping-by a neighbour's house to catch up on the lost years

25) If I ever write a book, I will give it this title - ? (wouldn't it depend on what it's about?)

26) One thing I must do before I die is go to places I want to and haven't had the chance to go to

27) Doing the meme, I feel like I’ve known myself better!


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