Friday, July 27, 2007

it's nice to be home

I have been back in KL for almost 3 weeks now and it hardly feels like it. Imran took about 6 days to fully recover from the jet-lag and we have been spending a lot of time with family, giving Mama the support and company that she needs and also catching up with Dino's side of the family.

Imran has adapted well to the life and weather here. In fact he is definitely going to miss having lots of people around when we eventually get back to France. He has also developed a lot since we got back in terms of mobility (he is climbing anything he can reach to stand up and also is doing cross-pattern crawling at last!), vocally (his official first word is Mama, although Dino insists it's actually 'mamam' - he's a big eater remember?) mentally (he's constantly checking out his new surroundings) and emotionally (he 'flappers' with happiness when he sees us coming back from an outing)

Life here with a baby is completely different than in France. I miss having the endless green parks and clean air to take Imran for a stroll. But it has been such a luxury having 'free baby-sitting services' at home! I can now just run somewhere quickly without having to drag him along everywhere. I have managed to go to the spa and do lunches without him, which was strange and difficult initially, as before I have only left him when he is asleep.

Overall, the holiday has been pleasant. We're off to Perth next week and as Dino has already left for Sydney first, I am slightly nervous to travel with Imran alone! With him being so active, it's going to be hard work for sure..


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