Sunday, June 29, 2008

pregnancy and imran update

It has been a while since I last blogged. I have been feeling pretty sick from the pregnancy. The nausea and the need to eat massive amounts of food have definitely been more demanding compared to my first pregnancy.Thankfully I am finally starting to feel better now at 16 weeks and have started doing yoga again which feels good. Still I need to constantly eat, or else I get gassy and start gagging or worse still throwing up. But at least the nausea is much better, although I still feel safer having 'asam' all the time in my handbag!

Imran of course has been prepped about having a baby in Mama's tummy, although I doubt he understands the concept very much at this age. He still kisses the bump which is starting to get bigger and when asked what baby is doing, he will say "shleep shleep".

Meanwhile, the boy is really growing into his own self and is building up his vocabulary everyday. He is very diligent to practise his sentencing skills which consists maximum of three words like "shoe imran kicik. shoe papa bishaaaaa!" His intonation is certainly full of expression that Dino reckons he could go to TKC!

He is also very sociable and very much a people's person. While I try to show him interesting things from the car like "Look Imran - that's a cement mixer!", he will just be interested to point out all the "uncle", "aunty" and "abang" that he sees from the car window. When he sees me on the lap top, he will insist to see this picture of him with "Sayah". He also goes outside the house in the evenings to call the neighbouring kids to "mashuk" into his house while excitedly showing the way.

He definitely has a shoe fetish. He loves looking at his Papa's shoe cabinet and will point out the "ofice shoe", "dinner shoe", goff shoe", "footboi shoe", "jogging shoe" and "croc shoe". He is over the moon now that he has two pairs of 'shoes' instead of just his crocs. He now has a pair of "shipa" - what a treat!

In fact, this past week has been quite a treat for him as he has three new things that he adores - a tricycle, his first new pair of slippers and a potty! At the moment, he thinks it's just a fancy looking seat specially for him but hopefully we would be able to start potty-training him soon!


At 10:00 AM, Blogger iZy said...

good to have u back blogging! 2 boys don't really sound that bad
:-) but I'm sure Imran would looovee a baby sister.

Good luck with the potty training!


At 12:44 AM, Blogger fara / ly-d said...

hope u continue to manage well with the pregnancy-induced-sickness.

and good luck with the potty training ! - ashley never took to the potty - she went direct to the normal toilet (which meant for me a lot of time spent kneeling on the bathroom floor suporting her!)

At 8:57 PM, Blogger elly said...

oh sarah is so cute there!

good to introduce the idea of potty to him early!

hope ur feelin much better..

cya soon! :)

At 10:20 PM, Blogger n|ns said...

good to hear you are feeling so much better now!

imran sounds so chirpy now, and i didnt notice that was sarah (zeti's kan?)... she's adorable!


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