Saturday, February 04, 2006

perth summer 2006

Been here for 5 days and leaving back for KL today - which is exciting to see my hubby whom I miss lots, but sad as this place brings me a lot of joy and happiness. Being away after living here for 5 years made me see clearly how life here is celebrated in a real sense - spending time with friends, enjoying the summer in the park, good wines, the beach. Even the fashion which I love reflects its summer spirit - the colours, patterns, light fabrics, summer dresses and of course lots of skin baring! It makes me realise how much I miss this place.

Relaxing on the swing on the balcony of the house, with the view of the lake and the backdrop of the city; flashed back so many sweet memories of hubby and I. I could see Kings Park with its majestic eucalyptus trees - and it brought back memories of how we were admiring each other quietly during one of the cultural show practices there! It was beautiful at night in winter and just so romantic. This park in front of the house witnessed the blooming of our relationship with many beautiful walks we had in summer, winter, spring, autumn. I could also see the Hartley Poynton building where he used to work and we would meet for lunch.

I miss all these lovely times we had and wish we'll have this quality of life again when we have kids. I miss this crisp air, the blue sky, the hot summer grass, the sun and the occasional cool summer breezes. I miss our friends and the things we do outdoors...

Now it is time to go, but the only thing that can make me feel alright is the fact that we will come back soon - it is afterall our second home..


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